Image of a woman smilingIf you are experiencing loose dentures, friction and pressure on your jawbones can cause sore spots and/or bone shrinkage. Your dentures should be examined every year to check for proper fit and to monitor any changes in your mouth.

Your dentures may need to be relined to improve the fit. Usually, a set of dentures will last from five to ten years. However, due to the changes in the shape of the mouth, bone loss in the jaw, and normal wear and tear of the denture, a denture reline is often necessary.

At San Diego Prosthodontics we have our own on-site dental laboratory staffed with two full- time dental technicians. This allows Dr. Recksiedler and Dr. Gulbransen to fabricate custom dentures, do laboratory relines for dentures and facilitates repairs to cracked or broken dentures in our office.

If you are not sure if you need to reline your dentures or if you need a new set of dentures, please contact our office for an appointment to see Dr. Recksiedler or Dr. Gulbransen. They are both trained specialists called prosthodontists. They would be happy to examine your mouth and discuss your dental options.