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I took my Mom here to replace her dentures and we were expecting to pay thousands. Thanks to Dr. Rex, he was able to find a way to fix the partial instead of a full replacement like many other doctors would have done to get more money. I am so impressed with Dr. Rex honesty and I would recommend him to anyone who needs excellent dental care. He is one of the best.  Mrs. H

This office is simply the best!

I had the privilege of being treated by Dr. Recksledler (Dr. Rex). He is very knowledgeable, thorough, and gentle. The staff is wonderful too. I would recommend them to anyone.  Jayne R

I came to San Diego from Missouri after a very serious case of skin cancer. I was referred to San Diego Prosthodontics and I will never be able to thank Dr. Recksiedler for everything he and his staff did for me. From the first visit when I cried because I would never look the same, to the final visit when I walked out of the office looking like me again, they were always compassionate and completely understanding of my feelings. They took the time to explain the procedures, showed me and my family video’s, pictures and actual prosthetics to relieve our concerns. If I had know that Dr. Recksiedler and San Diego Prosthodontics existed before my surgery, my concerns would not have been so devastating. My mission will now be to tell all my friends and family about the wonderful job they did and the services they provided. However, the smile on my face will let everyone know that I could not be happier. Thank you Dr. Recksiedler and staff for making me whole again … your friend Charlotte from Missouri.  Charlotte T.

I had crowns on a front tooth and adjacent tooth that had been in place for nearly 30 years. One of the old crowns had shifted over time and looked pretty awful. A dentist friend in the Midwest and I had been talking about what would be involved in getting these two crowns replaced, what would be involved, and what to expect for costs. He suggested that I go to a prosthodontist and did some research on those in San Diego, including making phone calls to talk about what was needed, and told me that he would go to Dr. Recksiedler. He made a very good choice.

From the onset, Dr. Recksiedler was up front about what we needed to do, what the costs would be, and what could be expected for the final outcome. Each visit, the staff was courteous, professional, and appointments were started on time. The lab that this office works with for making the new crowns was also outstanding and the end result was better than what I ever expected to achieve. One of the best things about this office is that I did not feel at any time that I was being led to do things that were not necessary just so the dentist could pay the bill – something that I have certainly felt with dentists in the past.

I would certainly return to Dr. Recksiedler for future work, and would recommend him to anyone.  R.C.

I have been a patient of Dr. Gulbransen for 20+ years and he is a very professional man. He has made dental plates for several times and they have always been great. His staff is very friendly and courteous. I just finished getting new plates and they fit well the first time around. I recommend Dr. Gulbransen very highly.  Cynthia A.

Don’t bring a pea shooter to a gun fight. If you are reading this then you are one of the many people out there who have lost teeth and gone through fillings, then root canals, then capped, then implant. I have seen it all when it comes to dentistry. Dr Gulbransen took a botched job from another dentist and built new custom teeth for me that are AMAZING. The staff is friendly, efficient and professional and they have a lab on sight which makes quality control a top priority.

San Diego Prosthodontics is really the “Best of the Best”.   Kevin E.

Dr. Gulbransen is an artist as well as a scientist. He made a special mouthpiece for my mom to enable her to have proton radiation therapy for her mouth cancer. He couldn’t use the mold they gave her at proton therapy so Dr. Gulbransen had to create one just for her. He did a fantastic job. The mouthpiece was perfect. He is smart, personable and professional. His staff is friendly and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Gulbransen and his staff.   Rhonda L.

Dr. Gulbransen is truly exceptional. His demeanor is friendly and he makes you feel comfortable. I’ve had a lot of dental work over the decades and I would rate him the best at what he does. He is very caring and committed to doing the best work possible. I’ve had two implant crowns and one denture prepared by him and they are all excellent.

I would recommend Dr. Gulbransen without hesitation to anyone needing high-quality dental work.  Judy L.

Dr Gulbransen is a great Doctor that listens to his patients and explains procedures in a clear and concise way. His staff are very good and courteous.  Jan A.

I have had an enormous amount of dental work over the years. I have had seven implants most recently and Dr Gulbransen has done beautiful work with crowns and bridges to give me the joy of smiling wide. The ease with which he prepped and fitted them was amazing. His staff was warm and inviting.  Alan B.

Dr. Gulbransen and his staff are without a doubt the most professional and accommodating practice I have ever encountered. They were flexible and willing to work with my schedule. At no point did I wait longer than 5 minutes after arriving before being seated and seen by Dr. Gulbransen or a member of his staff. They value your time, and won’t leave you sitting and waiting.

I had work done by a previous Doctor which Dr. Gulbransen was able to repair, saving me from future pain and possible surgery.

I plan on using this practice for any future crowns or implants that I may need, they are outstanding.  Jon W.

I turned to Dr. Gulbransen when I was in need of aesthetic dental care. I am a dental specialist and I practice in San Diego. I do know who is who.

Dr. Gulbransen is a perfectionist and an incredible clinician with impeccable integrity. He was trained by the best and is quite frankly one of, if not the best Prosthodontist I have had the pleasure to know.  Gordon D.

Dr. Gulbransen has done four crowns for me and has filled a number of cavities that other dentists were not able to do. He is an excellent dentist and I recommend his services. George McKeever

I was trying to describe what Gordon D. shared. It’s the perfectionist trait! He’s the best. Edna, his assistant is wonderful. The office staff works together like a family, but professionally. I feel like I’m getting the best dental work on the planet. I’ve had about four implants and they are like … I don’t even know where they are in my mouth. Love it, love it, love it.  Lana P.

I’ve had my share of dental work, god knows, and I’ve had some good experiences and some not so good. This one was good! I was referred to Dr. Gulbransen for a crown to finish off my implant. He was professional and efficient. My crown looks great. His support staff is very helpful. What more could you ask? I would definitely feel comfortable coming here again.  Rachel H.

I found Dr. Gulbransen’s name online and went to see him. I needed help with my dentures. He explained and showed me some dentures that snap onto implants. I went for surgery and several months later returned to Dr. Gulbransen. I am now having a great time with my new dentures. Dr. Gulbransen is extremely knowledgeable. He is a perfectionist and adjusted my dentures until they were just right, a perfect fit for my face. What a difference in my life! Throughout the procedure, Dr. Gulbransen was professional and had a great chair-side manner. His staff are to be commended for their friendly manner and for the efficiency in their work. I will come back to Dr. Gulbransen periodically for “routine adjustments”. I have told my friends and family about them and, should the need arise, would recommend Dr. Gulbransen.  Maria A.