Fixed Dental Prosthesis Home Care Instructions

Download and Print our Fixed Denture Care Instructions

Fixed implant-supported teeth look, feel, and function like healthy natural teeth. Just like natural teeth, implant-supported teeth require regular maintenance care to ensure a healthy smile.


Brush your new teeth as you would natural teeth. Be sure to brush the inner side of the teeth areas, in the hard-to-reach spots. An electric toothbrush can be helpful as well. Please be sure to askĀ Dr. Recksiedler, Dr. Pun or Dr. Gulbransen (Retired) if you have any questions about how to clean around your dental prosthesis.


This is a useful tool to remove stubborn food debris under and around the fixed prosthesis.

Interdental Brush

An interdental brush can help clean the sides of the implant-supported tooth, crown, abutment posts and the surface under your bridge. Use this brush gently in a back and forth motion, against the side of the implant-supported tooth. Be sure that the brush is not too small, as this will not be effective for cleaning. Also, be sure that the brush is not too big, causing discomfort when brushing. Never use toothpaste with an interdental brush.


As with natural teeth, it is very important to floss around your fixed dental prosthesis. Using a floss threader will be helpful. Pass thick floss back and forth between the implant tooth and the neighboring teeth, or through the space next to the abutment posts. Clean along the gum line using a sideways stroke.

Follow-up Visits

Your new teeth need to have the same care as natural teeth. Be sure to have regular check-ups with your prosthodontist so you can discuss the necessary hygiene maintenance procedures. Drs. Recksiedler, Pun or Gulbransen (Retired) will suggest the appropriate interval for future check-ups and maintenance visits. Please call our office with any questions.