How To Care For & Apply Your Facial Prosthesis

Preparing Your Skin and Your Facial Prosthesis

1. Repeatedly practice positioning your facial prosthesis without adhesive to ensure accurate placement.

2. Wash and thoroughly dry your hands and skin where your prosthesis is to be placed.

Applying Your Facial Prosthesis

1. If an adhesive is used, it should be applied with a cotton-tipped swab or the brush attached to the cap, by evenly spreading a thin layer of adhesive along the outer edges of the back side of your prosthesis.

2. Allow the adhesive to dry & using a mirror, carefully position and press your prosthesis onto your skin to ensure good contact.

Removing Your Facial Prosthesis

1. Remove your prosthesis from your skin on a daily basis to keep your tissues healthy and maintain hygiene. Grasp the thickest edge of your prosthesis and gently remove it very slowly so as not to tear the edges or irritate your skin.

2. If necessary, use a moist washcloth over the surface of the prosthesis to loosen adhesive from your skin.

Cleaning Your Prosthesis

1. If adhesive was used, remove it gently by rolling the adhesive off the prosthesis (starting from the center to the outer edge) with your fingertips, using gauze or a textured cloth. Soaking the prosthesis in a cup of warm water helps to soften adhesive and makes it easier to remove.

2. Clean the prosthesis with a soft, bristled toothbrush, mild soap (ie, Ivory soap) and warm water.

3. If your prosthesis has an ocular component, remove and clean it with soap and water. Place a drop of mineral oil on the eye and shine the eye once a week. Replace the eye carefully and adjust the location by squeezing the prosthetic eyelids together.

Cleaning Your Skin

1. Wash your face with soap and water after removing the prosthesis and remove any residue of adhesive from the skin.

2. Apply a moisturizing lotion on a nightly basis to restore natural body oils.

3. Report any areas of inflammation or irritation to our office.

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