New Teeth in One Day in La Mesa

Get new teeth in one day

Sometimes referred to as All-on-4 or All-on-X, this is a streamlined process that allows you to have all new teeth the same day that your implants are placed! Instead of waiting months to heal without teeth, we will immediately place abutments and a removable denture or an immediate load implant-retained fixed bridge. After your jaw heals completely, we will place the abutments and deliver your final implant-supported dentures.

Am I a candidate for Teeth in a Day?

“All-on-X” may be a good option for you if you are missing all of your upper and/or lower teeth. Candidates must have adequate bone density and have healthy oral tissue. However, a consultation with Dr. Recksiedler, Dr. Pun or Dr. Gulbransen (Retired) is the best way to determine if Teeth in One Day is an option for you.

Why is San Diego Prosthodontics the best choice for your Teeth in a Day?

Both Dr. Recksiedler and Dr. Gulbransen are advanced trained prosthodontists who specialize in tooth replacement and deal with complex cases on a daily basis. They are experts in restoring dental implants, including “All-on-X” or teeth in a day.

New teeth in one day is a great way to forgo a removable denture during the implant healing phase. The first step to getting your smile back in one day is to call our office and schedule an appointment [phone].

Teeth in a Day Procedure

#1 Surgical procedure to place implants
#2 Implants are surgically placed

Implants are surgically placed by a dental surgeon

#3 Immediate load implant retained fixed bridge on the top
#4 Immediate load implant retained fixed bridge on the bottom

On the same day as the implants are placed, an immediate load implant-retained fixed temporary bridge is placed. These will remain until the bone is completely healed and we begin the final restoration.

#5 Components used for new teeth in a day

This depicts the components used for new teeth in one day.

#6 Final teeth over implants
#7 Final placement of new teeth

After the jaw heals completely, we will remove the interim bridge and the final teeth are secured to your implants.

Take a look at the amazing before and after transformations in our smile gallery.

For more information about Teeth in a Day or to schedule a consultation with Drs. Recksiedler, Pun or Gulbransen (Retired), call our office in La Mesa, CA at San Diego Office Phone Number 619-463-3773.