On-Site Dental Lab – What That Means for Your Time and Money

Image of a Dental Lab

When selecting a prosthodontist, an expert in replacing missing teeth and treating complex dental issues, make sure they’ve got an on-site dental lab like San Diego Prosthodontics. Not only do on-site labs add a significant element of convenience, but they also guarantee a more efficient and affordable dental experience overall.

As a frontrunner in the use of highly advanced forms of modern technology, we have assembled a state-of-the-art dental lab run by highly skilled technicians in order to make dental treatments as safe, fast, and comfortable as possible. We know that missing or damaged teeth can affect every area of a person’s life, so waiting days or weeks for a fix can be frustrating, and on-site labs eliminate that delay.

Read on to learn more about why an on-site dental lab like ours is a must.

What is an on-site dental lab?

An on-site dental lab includes our in-house professionally trained technicians—who work closely with Drs. Recksiedler and Gulbransen—and all the cutting-edge equipment and materials needed to execute every step of delivering superior dental prosthetics to our patients under one roof. The up-close collaboration between technicians and dentists allows for complete quality control, ensuring high-quality teeth replacements that are fully tailored to your needs.

Why should I go to a dental office with an on-site lab?

An on-site lab means you’ve got an entire team working together on your case to create a restoration that ensures the proper fit for optimal function. Our skilled lab technician uses immense precision and attention to detail to create a denture or implant that is designed uniquely for you. The custom treatment results in the size, color, and shape that align perfectly with your needs.

Is having an on-site lab faster?

In addition to a personal lab technician, an on-site lab includes having all the premium resources that we need for the creation of your dental prosthetic close at hand and conveniently available, so we can get right to fabricating it. Rather than making phones call to labs miles away and having parts shipped, all the in-between steps are removed, providing you with quicker results.

Would I save money using an on-site dental lab?

In addition to a fast turnaround time, an on-site dental lab allows you to have all your fittings, relines, and adjustments done in one place. One of the biggest benefits that our patients enjoy is the luxury of not having to make multiple trips to the office. We create your restorations while you wait, so it’s a one-stop-shop, all done at once with no need for temporaries. Saving time by eliminating multiple trips to our office translates to less money spent overall.
Thanks to the world-class dental lab we’ve built at San Diego Prosthodontics, you can receive quick dental prosthetics in one visit. You’ll save time and money on affordable dentures created while you wait. And the hand-in-hand teamwork of our dentists and technicians ensures the best results possible as they examine the details of your mouth and make adjustments on the spot. Dental care doesn’t get any more top-notch and personalized than that!