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Why is it Important to Bring a Complete List of your Medications to your First Dental Appointment?

 In order to provide patients with a comprehensive dental evaluation, it is first necessary for your dentist to review your health history. It is very important to bring a list of your current medications as well as a list of medical conditions and allergies that you may have to your first appointment at San Diego Prosthodontics so that Dr. Gulbransen or Dr. Recksiedler can determine if it is safe to proceed with treatment. Many medical conditions complicate oral health and no treatment plan is complete without looking at the “big picture”. At times, it may be necessary to modify your treatment based on your overall health.

It is important that you include the names and dosages of all of your medications. Some medications and medical conditions directly affect the way oral health care will be delivered. For example, diabetes, high blood pressure, artificial heart valves and joints each can affect your overall treatment plan. While Dr. Gulbransen and Dr. Recksiedler treat every patient with the same level of respect, they also will treat you as an individual with detailed attention to your specific needs and concerns.

A complete list of your medications will help Dr. Gulbransen, Dr. Recksiedler and their staff provide you with the best care at the highest level of comfort. We know that your dental health is very important. At San Diego Prosthodontics we strive to provide optimal prosthetic dental care for our patients in a relaxed, comfortable and safe environment.

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