Immediate Dentures–What are the Advantages?

An immediate denture is a complete or partial denture that is inserted on the same day as teeth are extracted, immediately following removal of natural teeth.  There are several advantages that immediate dentures provide for patients.  First and foremost, immediate dentures provide an important psychological advantage because patients never have to appear in public without teeth.  The immediate or temporary dentures are fabricated before the patient’s natural teeth are removed, so they are ready to be inserted at the time of extractions.

Immediate dentures reduce post operative discomfort after extraction of teeth because they cover and protect the surgical site.  In effect, the temporary or immediate dentures act as a Band-Aid and protect the extraction sites, reducing pain.

Studies have also shown that patients who wear an  immediate denture have broader, fuller gums after healing which ultimately provides better support for all subsequent denture prostheses.

It is important to note that an immediate denture is an approximation of what the mouth will look like post-surgery.  As a result, an immediate denture does not fit as precisely as the final denture will fit.  Dr. Gulbransen will use a soft liner material to line the immediate denture after surgery to provide better fit and retention.

This will require a few adjustment visits.  As the gums heal following the extractions, they will continue to shrink.  Changes can continue for several months.  Once the gum and bone healing is completed, the patient is ready to have the final dentures made, generally 4-6 months after tooth extractions.


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