Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures–Prosthodontic Specialists Dr. Harold Gulbransen and Dr. Scott Recksiedler



Many patients have lost some but not all of their natural teeth. Typically teeth are lost due to dental decay, gum [periodontal] disease or trauma.  A partial denture is a custom prosthesis to replace those missing teeth, utilizing the remaining natural teeth for support and stability.   Removable partial dentures are designed to replace these missing teeth when a fixed partial denture [bridge] is not indicated.  Typically this is when a patient is missing a large number of teeth.  This type of denture uses the patient’s remaining teeth to hold or anchor the removable partial denture in place.

There are many different types and designs for removable partial dentures.  The number of missing teeth and their location will affect the comfort and stability of the removable partial denture.  The use of dental implants may increase the stability of the removable partial denture or implants may be the best solution for replacing missing teeth.  Removable partial dentures can be fabricated out of acrylic resin or acrylic resin supported by a custom cast metal framework.

Dr. Gulbransen and Dr. Recksiedler will assist you in determining the optimal treatment plan to replace your missing teeth, bone and soft tissues.  Their advanced training as prosthodontists, or specialist in replacement of missing teeth, allows them to offer the many treatment options and alternatives available to you. Their training in Prosthodontics geared with the extensive experience of our in-office dental technicians gives our patients optimal results. Their specialty education provides skills and knowledge beyond the training of general dentists. Prosthodontists are trained in the hands-on technical aspects of laboratory fabrication including custom denture fabrication. Prosthodontists have a comprehensive knowledge of dental materials and techniques, insuring both function and esthetics when it comes to your treatment.

Our practice also enjoys a fully-equipped prosthetic dental laboratory on premises, staffed with two full-time, experienced dental laboratory technicians. This ensures complete control and timely delivery of superior quality partial dentures, complete dentures, customized crowns, bridges, dental implant restorations and facial prostheses. We have the ability on site to accomplish all phases of complete denture fabrication, most implant supported restorations and cast precious metal crowns and bridges. A custom milling machine is available for the fabrication of high-end implant supported restorations.


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